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From Daniel Schneider <>
Subject Re: XInclude Processor should be fixed now
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 17:02:55 GMT
I don't know if anybody cares listening talking to myself, but including files
within files has become an obsession of mine in the last days, that is maybe
shared by other folks :)
Anyhow, I have a correction to make, should have thought of it before :(

OK       no DTD in included file
OK       <!DOCTYPE hello SYSTEM
BAD:     <!DOCTYPE hello SYSTEM "hello.dtd">

So xinclude:include (and other mechanisms I tried) freak out when
 - there is an external DTD declaration
 - this declaration points to a simple file (or relative URL as I'd prefer calling it)
 - it does work if the DTD declaration points to an URL !
  (did not realize that in my previous posting)

So the situation is not as bad, it's just that my xemacs/psgml 
(and other tools) do not want to read DTDs from URLs 
(tho if I were an emacs hacker that certainly could be fixed ...).

Uuh, if any knowledgeable person replies to this, a hint about whether
Cocoon (or is it Xerces ?) ought to produce an error would be nice !

thanx & greetings - Daniel (with the usual disclaimers)

PS: Again, my quick and dirty test suite + a little comments is here:   (cocoon 1.7.5 dev ??)   (cocoon 1.7.4)

ALSO PLEASE note that the source does not display with IE as it should.
(*.text are symbolic links to orginals and IE does not believe my server
that these are text/plain ...)

Finally, patching the cocoon 1.7.4 official jar file with just the xinclude
processor works :)

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