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From "mie zie" <>
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 04:04:00 GMT
I'm having trouble to transform
XML ->PDF and

First, I've installed Cocoon and after building it with command '', 
I got 'classes', 'src' and 'cocoon.jar' created
When I wanted to generate 'docs' and 'javadocs' under build directory I got 
an error related to classpath and I ignored it since I believed that those 2 
directories are not too important. (is it true?)

Then I began to copy (from $cocoon_home/conf/ to 
$tomcat_home/conf/) and edited my web.xml. Unfortunately, when I edited 
$tomcat_home/conf/web.xml I got errors displayed on my browser. So, I 
decided not to modify it and finally I got HTML transformed from XML 
(without making any changes to my $tomcat_home/conf/web.xml)
I wondered why I still got HTML without changing my web.xml

Q: So, I would like to know which web.xml do I need to edit (add 
configuration for cocoon to engine configuration)
I don't see that my cocoon important in this part because I still can 
transform my XML to HTML without cocoon.
Is it just adding <?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>  to my XML document, means 
I used cocoon?
Is it I need to edit my web.xml, so I can see the diferrences how important 
the cocoon is?
Please correct me about cocoon!

Then I decided to transform XML -> PDF
I've downloaded Acrobat Reader for linux version and I got it run.
So, I modified my contents.xml  by adding

<?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl"?>

to my xml document
Then, to view it, I just typing the URL to my web browser?.
Okay, if this it true, how to set up plug in to my Acrobat reader? I've read 
it from (chapter 9) that I need to have both 
acrobat and plug-in in order to transform XML -> PDF
What is the proper way to view my PDF (transform from XML)

Lastly, I want to transform XML->WML
Okay, for this one, I've downloaded UP Simulator and installed it to my pc 
(using Windows 95). When I want to view my wml file (form Windows 95), I got 
the output, but when I want to view it from my web server (typing URL), I 
got error (Phone information console)

HTTP GET Requested: HTTP://

-----------------------------------------------------DATA SIZE 
Uncompiled data from HTTP is 1794 bytes.
.....found Content-Type: text /plain

Content-type: text/plain. Content follows:

End Content-Type: text/plain

No translator for content-type: text/plain

Q: how to configure the content-type?. The type for my XML document is 
So, I curious why it still displayed content-type=text-plain

Please help me for this one.
Thanks in advance.
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