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From "Paul Lawton" <>
Subject NoClassDefFoundError classpath problem??
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:34:58 GMT
I'm trying to access some EJB's through JNDI from within a Cocoon Producer
that I'm writing. My EJB's are in Orion.

Basically the producer that I'm writing will gather together some EJB's and
construct the xml needed for a page.

For debugging: From within the Producer I have a bit of code to display the
EJB's that I can access and it gives the following:

JNDI name: of type EntityHomeWrapper1
JNDI name: of type SessionHomeWrapper11
JNDI name: of type SessionHomeWrapper9
JNDI name: of type SessionHomeWrapper13
JNDI name: of type EntityHomeWrapper5
JNDI name: of type EntityHomeWrapper7

I try to look up with the following line:
    System.out.println(" looking up: - " +
produces the output.
    "looking up: - EJBHome"

However the following line: pageHome =
causes the following error in the browser:
    Error found handling the request.
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: cms/page/PageHome

It seems as if Cocoon doesn't have access to my .jar file with my
appropriate page classes in at runtime. Is this to do with Cocoon having
it's own classpath?  How can I add my jar file to this internal Cocoon class

I would search the archives as I'm sure this may have been answered before,
but it's down at the moment.


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