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From "Yann" <>
Subject Re: login concept
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 14:23:03 GMT
> But isn't that just a class you have written... where
> is the bean specific?!

It is just a class indeed. I guess the term bean was used because in an
ideal world, the Java classes you use as Business Objects should be EJB.

> BTW: Where do you define user and password for db access

There are passed as session variables. Since I pass the session object to
the Access object, the Access object can lookup in a DB to check whether
these variables (username/password) are into a table.

Please bear in mind that there are tricks I used on my first Cocoon project
which is Internal where security is not such a big issue. I would be more
cautious in a internet environment. For instance, I don't know whether
storing a password into a session variable is a good thing.


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