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From Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>
Subject Re: Multiple (human) language support
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 14:48:49 GMT
"Josh McCormack" <> writes:

> I can picture making Cocoon work with multiple human languages being
> fairly easy if the content is stored in a database. You could even
> have screens set up for translators then, too. And by having the
> content in a databse you could mainatin the information architecture
> and design. I'll add a row to the category table of my database design
> ( for
> this and share if I get any information that's interesting. 

I was planning to stay within a simple XML-File -> XSLT-chaing -> HTML
scheme without involving database servers. I was rather thinking of
a solution using "xml:lang" attributes so you can write you text in
one XML file which is then served in the requested language.

Something like:

  <para xml:lang="en">Hello world!</para>
  <para xml:lang="de">Hallo Welt!</para>

Which results in either

  <para>Hello world!</para>


  <para>Hallo Welt!</para>

being delivered depending on the user's language preferences.

Still, the handling of nested elements with potentially different
"xml:lang" attribute values doesn't seem trivial and I haven't read
the specs about usage of xml:lang yet.


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