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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject So I'm playing with Donald's Castor XSP Library...
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 13:52:29 GMT
...but Cocoon is totally ignoring it. 

Apache 1.3.9 (homegrown from source)
Jserv 1.1.1
Sun JDK for Linux 1.2.2 (build 1.2.2-L, green threads, nojit)
RedHat Linux 6.2 with patches.

I've got *ALL* the required files in my classpath, Donald and I went
though my to be sure that I have the right config line : = 

(OK, it's one line in the file - you know how wordwrap works, right?)

But cocoon is totally ignoring the logicsheet. As in, I still ahve
unprocessed xsp-castor: tags. The .java file generated doesn't contain any
refrence to the xsp library. 

Mucho weird, right? It gets better. I try doing an explicit filesystem
path : = 

And I get the same thing. Now I *KNOW* the file is accessable. And I know
that user "nobody" (my www user) can get to it. 

But cocoon completely ignores the file. Ignores the xsp directive - the
whole nine yards. 

Any ideas oh gurus? Thoughts on why cocoon doesn't give an error, and
completely ignores an xsp?

- Kevin Sonney

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