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From Morten Primdahl <>
Subject Producer relative/absolute path mess
Date Sat, 20 May 2000 18:16:24 GMT

Hi. Using Cocoon-1.7.3.

In the webapps/ROOT dir I have login.xml and login_std.xsl,
works fine. From there, I submit data to a producer, which
in turn generates some XML. In the generated XML, I set
the stylesheet href="inbox_std.xsl" - but when this
gets processed, I get the following exception:

org.apache.cocoon.processor.ProcessorException: Could not associate
stylesheet to document:  error reading inbox_std.xsl:
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: File
"file:/opt/tomcat-3.1/bin/inbox_std.xsl" not found.
                at java.lang.Throwable.(

Why would it want to look in the bin dir, even if I
started Tomcat from there? Is there a way to work around
this? It's not pretty. I'd prefer cocoon to figure out
to look in the ROOT dir where the other docs are stored,
can I configure it to do so somehow?



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