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From Daniel Ridings <>
Subject Re: dynamic production of XML
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 08:00:56 GMT
I would like to thank all for their friendly advice on this topic. I
suppose I should have specified dynamic and _interactive_ production of
XML through Cocoon.

I've gone through things like the SQLprocessor which talks about putting a
processing instruction in your xml-file (there's the static stuff again)
and the SQL query mentioned in the documentation is hard-coded, static, so
there goes your dynamic creation too.

Am I correct in concluding that you loose a lot of advantages of using
Servlets over CGI if you mix in Cocoon?

I have 50 million words of Swedish online with a Servlet accepting a
request for a Swedish word from the user and then applying various
linguistic methods (more or less making XSP very cumbersome at best) and
returning an XML document containing the other words that the search word
is linguistically associated with (time is associated with "from" "time"
"to" "time"). It identifies phrases.

All this requires interaction (Servlets are great here) but Cocoon seems
to want to publish things that are known in advance (rows and columns in a
database, things like that).

Should I drop Cocoon from my wish-list (I don't want to). I'm willing to
write a producer if I can, but like I said, the SQLprocessor seems to be
pretty hard-coded when it comes to "what" should be queried.

Once again, thanks to all!
Daniel Ridings

> On Wed, 10 May 2000, you wrote:
> > After tearing out my hair:
> > We get Cocoon to work with static files, no problem (but have little use
> > of static files).
> XSP (eXtensible Server Pages) provides a general way to produce dynamic
> XML content in Cocoon

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