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From Daniel Ridings <>
Subject Re: dynamic production of XML
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 13:47:41 GMT
> Cocoon produces XML on the server. What is passed to the client is HTML for
> instance in the case of IE5. That depends on your stylesheet.

IE5 handles XML directly, so it doesn't really need to be handed HTML. OK,
Cocoon produces XML, my servlet produces XML, now I want to integrate my
servlet with Cocoon to let Cocoon take over the XSL processing in order to
make bother Netscape and Explorer happy (though Explorer doesn't really
need it, since it can handle the XSL processing itself).

> What you were doing was to generate XML from your Java Servlet and have the
> client render it. That is not how Cocoon works (although it can do that to).

No, I don't want the client to render it. I want to turn the XML over to
Cocoon and let Cocoon handle it for the clients.

> Even
> better, with Cocoon you can apply a stylesheet depending on the HTTP request
> User Agent so you can have 1 stylesheet for IE, 1 stylesheet for Netscape.
> Both stylesheets could render XML in any browser-dependant
> HTML/DHTML/you-name-it way avoiding all sort of "if browser = IE then" sort
> of obscure syntax.

That is true, I know that and would dearly love to use it. But how does
one integrate one's own producer of XML in the Cocoon working process to
allow for this?

Thanks for your resonse,

Daniel Ridings

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