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From Daniel Ridings <>
Subject dynamic production of XML
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 12:48:01 GMT
After tearing out my hair:

We get Cocoon to work with static files, no problem (but have little use
of static files).

We have a servlet that produces XML and can get Explorer 5 to process with
XSL, but not Cocoon. Well, we simply can't understand Cocoon and we're not
even really certain we have found the documentation, if there is any.

I've studied Ok, that creates a String document
and we use the Java libs to produce XML, but it's XML. So I started
wondering about:

CocoonServletRequest myReq = new CocoonServletRequest(document, req);

Ok, document here is a string, put a PrintWriter is what we get by using
the Sun package. I tried my best to find anything on CocoonServletRequest
in the API docs that came along with Cocoon but nothing's there.

import org.apache.cocoon.util.CocoonServletRequest (from the example file)
doesn't work either. The documentation makes no mention of a path:


So the bottom line. XML works wonderfully with Explorer 5
( but it would be nice to
present some of our work even for Netscape users. Cocoon should be a
perfect match here but it is definitely frustrating.

The servlet we have: is it what one would call a "producer"? The
terminology hasn't ripened in my mind yet.

Thanks for any direction or gentle scoldings here.

Daniel Ridings
LexiLogik AB
Erik Dahlbergsgatan 11b 6tr
411 26 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel: 031 773 47 99 Fax: 070 610 46 18

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