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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: AW: Replicate v Centralise [was Re: sql tag-library]
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 16:47:04 GMT
On 12/5/00 at 7:07 am, (Josh McCormack) wrote:

>Sometimes I find to avoid having content that is obviously just filling templates 
>you need to replicate to some extent. 

This is one of the other issues I have.

When you design the DTD for your data, you often make compromises between a structure that
closely suits display, or one that more accurately models the underlying information in a
generic way.

Modelling to suit display leads to optimisation of rendering speed, but often leads to the
information being less useful for other purposes.

For instance (I know, this is an extreme example ...), having a 
	<link href="blah.xml">Blah</link> 	
element in your content, is tantamount to purposing the information for interactive media

The optimised way of orgainising this if you were purposing to some kind of print output would
be inverted, ie, an external index file would have an entry "Blah" with several links, one
of which is pointing here.

When you put <link href="blah.xml">Blah</link> in your document, you create something
you can easily break, it is even worse if your link has to contain meta data about the destination.

What happens when you want to find out "what links to me?" if you have one way links scattered
throughout your documents.

OK, I am rambling .....

regards Jeremy


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