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Subject Document chaining
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 21:08:58 GMT
I'm trying to adopt the following architecture:

Complex.xml ---(xslt/xsp)----> Simple.xml ---(xslt)---> Final.html

I am using IIS/JRun.  I want the transform between Simple.xml and Final.html
to be real simple so that I can give it to our webmasters to spruce up.

There seem to be a number of choices for implementing this:

1) Modify the cocoon servlet using Java.
2) Write Java code in XSP to process the subsequent document.
3) Set up JRUN to do servlet chaining.
4) Use <xsl:include/> or <xsl:import/> to read in the documents.

Am I missing any choices here?  Any thoughts on the pros and cons of these

	- Greg


Greg Ross, Software Engineer
"Minding your business on the Net"
1555 Wilson Blvd., Suite 404, Arlington, VA  22209
dir. line:  (703) 312-1243; fax:  (703) 312-0536

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