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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: Some questions.
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 14:07:18 GMT
on 5/26/00 4:08 AM, Darren Scott at wrote:

> sudhi wrote:
>> In this case you got to have all the content for different languages in
>> the same xml document. How do you handle different charset (encoding)?
> Good point. I hadn't even considered that yet. I'm just glad I got a
> barebones solution working :)
> Perhaps Mike Engelhart has some thoughts - I might venture to talk to
> him offlist if he doesn't mind an unsolicited email.

Sure send away! Because of time constraints, I had to give up on my XML
based solution to this.  As I may have mentioned I'm using Java's language
support by using ResourceBundle's which handles most of the nasties
involved.  I fully planned on using an XML/XSL solution but as of this point
it doesn't suit my needs (i.e. storing language specific context outside of
the XSL document. 
As for charsets, I believe that ResourceBundle's handle this properly as
they are java so they should be just pure Unicode.  Since i have only
attempted 5 western european languages in my testing I don't know how it
would work with say an arabic language.

>> One other thing is microsoft IE5 returns
>> accept-language : en-us
>> where as Netscape
>> accept-language : en
>> Thats going to cause lot of problems ( Supporting all browsers).
> Hmm, you're right. I must admit to not being up-to-date with servlet
> API, but I seem to recall >2.0 having some localization support - maybe
> it deals with that issue a bit more intelligently. I'll look into it.
The current Tomcat (3.1 Final) supports the different browsers very nicely.
I haven't run into any problems with any of the Windows, Mac or Linux
browsers that I've used as far as figuring out what language to support.


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