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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject [SOLVED] Re: external entities
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 13:28:27 GMT
on 5/18/00 7:51 AM, Thomas Steinborn at

>> I guess what I'm wondering is that if I have an ASCII text file with a
>> "รค" in it, why doesn't Java create the correct unicode representation
>> of that character in my ResourceBundle so that when I call getString()
>> it just shows up.  this is why I started screwing around with sticking
>> entities in my properties files.
> Assuming that you are running Windows the encoing that ascii file is
> placed on the hard disk is windows-1252 (XML name) or Cp1252 (Java
> name).  But it is not ISO-8859-1.  Maybe that is the problem?
> Thomas
Muchas gracias!!! 

Solved... The text encoding of my files was not correct.  I don't know why I
assumed that my IDE would automatically create the correct version but it
didn't.  Anyway, I ran my PropertyResourceBundle files through a text
encoding converter to make them all ISO-8859-1 and now everything works
groovy..  Thanks for the heads up.


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