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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: external entities
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 11:33:45 GMT
on 5/18/00 3:29 AM, Mark Washeim at wrote:

> I also have files with all manner of special chars (ISO-8859-1) edited and
> maintained within files which are dynamically included by xsp. These have
> never posed a problem, thus far.
> Elements such as the following:
> <P>Brad Friedel è pronto per per il trasferimento a sorpresa dal Liverpool
> ai vicini d
> i casa dell'Everton.</P>
> <P>Il gigantesco portiere americano lascerà l'Anfield dove è il secondo
> portiere dietr
> o all'olandese Sander Westerveld.</P>
> <P>Friedel potrebbe essere acquistato dal presidente dell'Everton Walter
> Smith, che ve
> nderà il portiere norvegese Thomas Myhre.</P>
> <P>Friedel potrebbe competere per un posto da titolare con Paul Gerrard
> all'Everton.</P>
> are included (using the pi <util:include-file>) without complaint...
> Just my two bits.
Thanks, but I'm using ResourceBundle's which are being accesed via Xalan
extensions in my stylesheets.  That's what is not working.  When I just use
plain files the special characters work fine.  I need the dynamic
translation capability to do what I'm trying to do and I don't want to
resort to putting all my presentation text such as text labels into my XSP
page as I lose separation of context.


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