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From Alessandro Bottoni <>
Subject Any "user-friendly" distribution of the XML Apache stuff?
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 08:58:46 GMT
I'm trying to install an Apache - Tomcat - Cocoon server on my Linux PC for
performing a few experiments with XML, XSL and XSP.

Unfortunately, the installation process is quite complex: you have to follow
a long chain of dependencies, download and install all the required
software, understand their intricacies and configure them. I spent all my
last weekend on this task and I'm still half the way.

Beside this, I still have to create a DTD and a XSL for a sample web
application: lightweight, fast and compliant with the usual structure of a
web site. I fear I will be white-haired before having my XML web running....

I wonder: is there any "distribution" that automagically creates a usable,
working, XML-based web site? I mean: is there a single RPM, or something
like that, that deliver a complete and reliable installation of all this
stuff, together with a sample web site?


Alessandro Bottoni (
Web Programmer @ Think3 inc. (
I do not speak for think3 and they return the favour

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