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From Ed Staub <>
Subject RE: JSP vs. XSP
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 14:21:23 GMT
>Note: other then this, XSP and JSP are pretty much equivalent even if I
>personally don't like their un-nestable markup syntax which make mixing
>content and logic a lot harder... but that's just personal taste and
>doesn't count as a technical argument.


I think your intuition ("personal taste") may be ahead of your conscious
mind here.
The markup syntax is a really key point!!!

Evolution of server-side capabilities will depend in part on the development
of GUI (and other) tools to facilitate authoring, use and reuse of page
components (in the broadest sense).  Without the coherent syntactic
structure of XSP, the  development of these tools will be severely impaired.
(Chicken and egg...)  I think that the development (or lack thereof) of
these tools will have substantial impact on the destiny of Cocoon.

-Ed Staub
Kana Communications, Inc.

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