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From Didier VILLEVALOIS <>
Subject RE: XSL to Java
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 09:25:11 GMT
Ricardo Rocha wrote:
>The existing XSP logicsheet preprocessing model provides a solution to
>your requirement: as each tag is recognized, source code is emitted and 
>subsequently compiled and executed. This approach gives you the best of
>both worlds: you can inline Java code associated with each "markup
>production" _and_ get it compiled and automatically reloaded as needed.

Ok so i just got to write a logicsheet for xslt markup! But is it yet
mandatory for me to use the surrounding xsp:page markup ? Maybe i'll have to
copy/personalize the XSPMarkupLanguage class to avoid the use of the xsp
logicsheet ? Did i understood ?

But the hard work is still there : write a logicsheet for xslt !!!

>Alternatively, you may use XSLT extension elements. In this case, as
>each "markup production" is recognized by the XSLT processor, an
>Java action is invoked that will generate augmented markup (to achieve
>this, afaiu, all your Java extension needs to do is returning a DOM Node

Arrgghhh, I dislike this solution. Because i must do a class by extension
element and this don't allow me to share a context between
element-corresponding code chunks.

I started a logicsheet. I have the work that has done Micheal Kay for Saxon
4.2 and the xsp.xsl logicsheet... So i think i'll do something.

Where could i get the complete Cocoon2 distribution to test my logicsheet in

Thank for your help!! Didier.

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