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From Andrea <>
Subject Re: WAP and sessions [I think off topic]
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 15:10:04 GMT
         we used sessions successfully with WAP (
browsers and gateways) and Cocoon (Apache 1.3.9+
Jserv 1.1+Cocoon 1.6.*).

         We had a few troubles, at the beginning, with cookies
that where not managed correctly by the combination
UPlink/Apache/Jserv (I understand because of an encoding

         Another issue (at least in the EU) is that, I was told,
the Nokia infrastructure (not sure whether the phone or the
server) do not handle cookies, so you may have to use URL
rewriting to pass the session id (pretty easy with Jserv,
just a conf param away).

         Hope it helps.


>Sorry for this off-topic, but maybe here's someone
>who can help me ...
>we have developed an application using Cocoon,
>which's output is in HTML ... The application
>must track the client's sessions - we are using
>standard way (HttpSession).
>Now we want a part of the application to be
>available through WAP - so we need some way to
>track the client's sessions.
>I know here are some developers of WAP sites
>using the Cocoon ... is here somebody who has
>already solved this problem - session tracking
>through WAP ?
>Please help
>Thanks in advance
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