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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: JSP vs. XSP
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 12:33:49 GMT wrote:
> This is debate is extremely relevant to the project I'm currently
> working on... Basically, XSP does things right, it does it well, and
> far better than JSP in its current form, but the fact that it isn't a
> standard adopted by Sun makes it hard for big organisations to adopt
> them for large scale project.

Good point.

This is why I have my feet in both shoes :)

Anyway, PHP nor Perl is endorsed by big commercial companies but they
are, by far, the most used source of dynamic web content on the web.
This tells me that, no matter, how big and powerful their marketing
engine is, the power of technology is what really counts, expecially
when the best software has the cheapest price :)

But I'm not a blind evangelist of open source, I do have concerns about
those issues as well.

> I had a look at the JSP 1.1 spec last night, and the fact that the
> xml-compliant JSP markup it defines looks extremely similar to the XSP
> markup, and its admittance of its lack of support for XSLT to be
> remedied in future specs, would suggest that JSP will have to
> incorporate XSP at some point, albeit in a different guise - cue dreams
> of a few search and replace regexps to upgrade my pages to future JSP
> specs that handle server side processing :-).

Well, it might be possible or not, I can't tell you at this point.

But remember the very big difference: JSP allow you to do
output.println() while XSP hide the output from you.

Anyway, in case good things to JSP happen, it would be straightfoward to
write an XSLT stylesheet to transform XSP into JSP-next.

> I read a message yesterday from tomcat-dev
>, which
> suggests that the development of the next JSP spec will take a keen
> look at XSP, and bearing in mind the existing associations with Sun in
> the form of Jakarta, maybe we could press home to Sun the need for
> this! 

No need to press, I'm already pushing Sun engineers for this :)

But don't expect too much, the differences are very big and for almost
all app-server vendors XML equals B2B so, what they need is XSLT filter
in and XSLT filter out, on a servlet base. This is what they are aiming

Totally useless for any serious publishing.

> I think that it would definitely help the take-up of XSP, and by
> association Cocoon, if some official statements on this subject were to
> come into being. 

yes, but I don't care about marketing engines since they normally
generate more noise than I like to handle. 

> As an aside, has anyone played around with Resin and
> have anything to say on its XTP, which seems to be just XSP under a
> different name, and also another reason for JSP to head in this
> direction.

Hmmm, no. Can you give us the URL?

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