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From sudhi <>
Subject Re: what is relationship between cocoon and java servlet?
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 18:13:42 GMT
Cocoon is a Servlet, which serves all the user requests which has a .xml
at the end. 

How to map all the .xml requests to Cocoon is done by configuring
servlet engine. 

Since cocoon is a servlet it needs a servlet engine to run.

Here is how it works -

A request comes in which is requesting an xml file. The request is
passed to Servlet engine. Servlet engine then sends this request to
Cocoon, then Cocoon which itself is a servlet serves this request.


vupt wrote:
> Hi,
> Could someone clarify for me the relationship between
> Cocoon and Java Servlet? I've combed through a lot of
> the documentation but I am still unclear.
> Here are some things I've read about. Could someone
> tie it together and perhaps elaborate on it?
> 1)Cocoon is based on the immensly popular Java servlet
> architecture[]
> 2)Need to configure the servlet engine to use Cocoon
> in order to tell it which requests Cocoon should
> handle
> []
> 3)Cocoon is a servlet [cocoon faq]
> 4)Cocoon needs a servlet engine in order to support
> servlet operation and dynamic request handling [cocoon
> install]
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