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From Darren Scott <>
Subject Re: Some questions.
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 18:17:22 GMT
Darren Scott wrote:
> > I too have built a multi-lingual site using Xalan extensions and Java's
> > built-in ResourceBundle system
> > What is the backend to your taglib if you don't mind me asking?  Are you
> > using key/map in Xalan?
> A couple of people have asked me to post it - I will, but I want to work
> on it a little more first.


I finally got where I wanted. Still having trouble shifting to the
document paradigm ;)

The Logicsheet now returns the language most preferred by the user, or a
default if no preference is made or none of the users preferred
languages are found.

Perhaps any interested parties might make some comments on the logic of
the Logicsheet and my choice of markup (sorta looks ugly).

Does the mailing list let attachments through?

I'll put them on the web somewhere if they don't get through.

Take care, folks, I'm going home.

Darren Scott
Production Director
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