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From Daniel Schneider <>
Subject Re: XInclude Processor should be fixed now
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 09:12:35 GMT
I don't know if this is a bug or a feature or whatever. When I
include files that have a DTD declaration like 
<!DOCTYPE hello SYSTEM "hello.dtd">
something breaks:

java.lang.NullPointerException at

I got XIncludeProcessor from CVS on May 24, did ONLY add these classes
to cocoon.jar as it was distributed. So Cocoon is standard 1.7.4 except
the XIncludeProcessor classes. 

The full example is available at:

Compare the files: 
   include-include.sxml       alias include-include.sxml.text (works)
   include-include-dtd.sxml   alias include-include-dtd.sxml.text (BREAKS)

*.xsml files are Cocoon processed. *.xml and *.text files are not 


Something similar happens when I try to include files using entities
(examples in the same directory) This does NOT happen when I use the
XSL document() function.

- greetings ! Daniel

PS: Why would I want to have a DTD in "production" files ? Makes work
much simpler.  It is a pain if you have to add/remove DTD declaration
all the time you just edit a file.  In my environment you just go
"edit the file", "save the file", reload and see what happens instead
of carefully preparing some sort of distribution ...

In chapter 9 "Viewing XML converted to HTML" McLaughlin says that one
should remove DTDs.  I really don't see why ... I wish he could expand
a bit. I don't buy his explanation :)

I am also aware that I may have to add/remove processing declarations to
my examples with DTDs, that I might not use 
<xinclude:include parse="xml" href="hello3.xml"/> correctly etc. 
I tried a few variants .... anyhow
any help/comments on my problems would be appreciated.

Dr Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA (Educational Technologies and Learning)
Faculte de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, University of Geneva,
MOO: 7777

TECFA - FPSE - Université de Genève
40, Bd. du Pont d'Arve, 1205 Genève
Tel: 41 22 705 9377 - Fax: 41 22 705 9379 - Office#: 6359

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