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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: XSP problem
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 09:31:11 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:
> Sorry, yeah, look in the /samples/xinclude directory in CVS. I'd meant to
> check 'em in a while back. A zip is attached for those without CVS. Oh,
> yeah, you'll need to edit your file and add this line:

Ok, I got it. It looks like I can specify what to include with an XPath
expression - this is of course pretty powerful and I see no reason why
it shouldn't solve the SQL taglib connection data inclusion problem.

This has set me off on another track, however: As it stands the XInclude
processor does half of what XMLForm does, i.e. I can specify an XPath
expression and whatever it selects is sent to another XML document for
further manipulation. For taking that data and putting it into edit
fields on an HTML form I don't strictly need XMLForm, I can write a
taglib for that. So there's just one piece of the puzzle missing and
that's writing out the changed XML. Perhaps we'd need an XOutclude
processor (yeah, stupid name, but there it is ;-)  This processor takes
an XPath expression and writes what it selects to a new file. We don't
need to replace data in an existing file, like XMLForm does, because
with XOutclude and XInclude we could do everything we want:

<xoutclude:outclude parse="xml" href="newfoo.xml#xpointer(//message)">
	<xinclude:include parse="xml"
	<xinclude:include parse="xml"

This example means that the user changed the message with ID 3 and in
the first step these changes are written to a tmpfoo.xml. In the example
above you can see that from tmpfoo.xml it is selected and written to
newfoo.xml, whereas all unchanged messages (those with ID != 3) are
taken from oldfoo.xml and added to newfoo.xml. We could add another
option to rename newfoo.xml to oldfoo.xml at the end.

Perhaps the whole thing could also be encapsulated in a taglib and use
xinclude/xoutclude only internally.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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