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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject Re: cocoon hosting ?
Date Sat, 20 May 2000 15:44:07 GMT
Rafael Oropeza wrote:

<P>I downloaded Prism some days ago, but unfortunantly, I cannot "play"
whit it. I read the documentation and I think is a very good product if
meets the goals of its design. BTW, Did you write Prism?</BLOCKQUOTE>
&nbsp;&nbsp; Yes, I do.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you have problems with installation
and setup, send me the question. (english or spanish).
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Regards, Marcelo.

<P>"Marcelo F. Ochoa" wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Rafael Oropeza wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;I interested Ron, but will you offer RDBMS?
Maybe mySQL, miniSql or Postgress? Is important for me (but not essential)
&nbsp;&nbsp; Do you know Prism?&nbsp;&nbsp; This framework connect Cocoon
to Oracle Databases but with a different point of view. This work with
the DB centric idea.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; There are same documents, samples and diagrams in <A HREF=""></A>
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Basically Prism work as Cocoon Producer that generate
XML inside the DB (Stored Procedures in PLSQL or Java), this idea leave
the application logic inside the DB, with the benefits of databases as
application repository.
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Another point of view is that Prism support emulation
of Oracle Application Server Advance edition, this mode permit coexist
and gradual migrate application based on Oracle technology.

<P>Ron Chan wrote:
I'm currently involved in setting
up a new linux hosting service for a partner company.&nbsp; Since I've
been using Cocoon on a couple of other projects, I've set all the hosting
machines up with Cocoon ready to run. I have no idea how well the mulitple
domains will co-exist, so I'd like run a trial for a couple of months.
If anyone is interested in having their Cocoon project hosted, please let
me know. The trail period will be for free.&nbsp; Ron Chan
<BR><A HREF="">Rafael Alberto Oropeza Baudet</A>

<P>(65) Selfishness has never been admired
<BR><I><A HREF="">C.S. Lewis</A></I>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Regards, Marcelo.
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<BR><A HREF="">Rafael Alberto Oropeza Baudet</A>

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