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From Rafael Oropeza <>
Subject Re: Cocoon and Jetspeed not getting along
Date Sat, 20 May 2000 13:33:29 GMT
Did you try Jakarta Tomcat as servlet engine instead Jserv?. It sounds a little
bit freak, specially if you have a running up Jserv instalation. But when I tried
to install Cocoon + Jetspeed nothing really works fine until I installed Jakarta

Steve K wrote:

> Hey all --
> I have both Cocoon 1.7.3 and Jetspeed 1.1 (which uses Cocoon) installed on the
> same server (RedHat 6.2 / Apache 1.3.12 / JServ 1.1).  I have Cocoon installed
> on the JServ that Apache is set to automatically start up and this works fine.
> I set up a whole other instance of JServ that I start manually for Jetspeed and
> this works fine as well.
> When I manually start up the JServ for Jetspeed, the problems with Cocoon
> begin.
> When I hit a .xml document, sometimes I get just the source of the XML document
> or sometimes I get an error from Cocoon saying it can't parse the document (it
> looks like it is trying to parse the document twice).  If I send a HUP to
> apache it seems to fix the problems -- but as soon as I request a page from
> Jetspeed again it starts acting up.
> I thought the problem might be some overlapping config files between the main
> install of Cocoon and the Cocoon that Jetspeed uses but everything there seems
> ok.  I did add the following to my httpd.conf file to have Cocoon ignore .xml
> files in my /content directory which Jetspeed uses:
> ----
> Action cocoon /cocoon/org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
> AddHandler cocoon xml
> <Location /content>
>         RemoveHandler xml
> </Location>
> ----
> And this appears to work as expected.  Anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks!
> -steve
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Rafael Alberto Oropeza Baudet

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