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Subject Multiple SQL Queries?
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 20:17:09 GMT

I am working with the SQL-Processor and the taglib to connect Cocoon to a database. It works
great, but I can not figure out how to use more than one query in
a page. so that the resulting XML-File (before any style transfromation) looks like

<ROW> 1st Query. Results bla bla bla </ROW>

<ROW> This is produced by the 2nd query </ROW>

Of xourse, it need not to be named <ROWSET1>  and <ROWSET2>, this is just an example.
I just want to have different tags for the different queries, so that
they can be formatted completly different.  I want to  populate 2 tables with different data.
(For instance a list of all books in one table and a list of all
cds in another).



(ernst nusterer,

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