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From (Sebastien Koechlin I-VISION)
Subject Re: wap example isn't working in wap emulators
Date Fri, 19 May 2000 15:22:04 GMT
Rafael Oropeza wrote:
> I made the same question but nobody said nothing. I suppose the answer
> is so obvious that noone are worrying about that. BTW, I still think
> this is a MIME type problem not correctly setting by Cocoon. If write
> a static .wml file into my Apache web server and contact it with Nokia
> Wap toolkit everything runs fine.
> Please, if somebody can help, I appreciate it so much.
> wrote:
> > Hei,
> > I have Tomcat3.1b running with cocoon on win2000. Most of the xml
> > pages work
> > fine in IE or NS, including example-portfolio.xml . But it doesn't
> > work when I
> > use a wap emulator to read it:
> > http://myserversIpAddress:8080/xmlsample/wap/example-portfolio.xml
> >
> > If I use winwap browser,  the error message is: The content
> > retreived is of HTML
> > type. This can not be shown by the WinWap browser..."

Try with a HTML browser and ask for 

If there are errors, they will be displayed in a HTML page.

If there are no, try to look at the result (you may have to save
it to disk before), and check it.

> > The other browsers I tried is Nokia wap toolkit and other two on the
> > internet:
> > ,
> >
> > Anyone has some ideas to work through this? Thanks ahead.

Do you know what are the exacts USER_AGENT strings ?
Does they match any browser in ?

Sebastien Koechlin

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