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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Natural Languages [was Re: external entities]
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 12:08:04 GMT
Mike Engelhart wrote:
> Mike Engelhart wrote:
> > I get the data out of the ResourceBundle by calling getString() on the
> > correct resourceBundle which returns say "Zus&auml;tzliche Details". Do you
> > think that has something to do with it?
> on 5/17/00 5:28 PM, Paul Russell at wrote:
> > Ahh. Yeah, that won't work - the &auml; gets converted to unicode
> > during the parsing phase, however if you use getString from within
> > an XSP, the text will never be parsed. Two options - you could
> > either write a chunk of code that takes the above and turns it into
> > unicode by looking up the character code in a hash, or you could
> > put the actual character into the resourcebundle itself (using
> > some strange key combination or other). Either should work.
> Crap... this isn't going right.  I can't put them into my XSP's directly or
> else i'm going to have to put a bunch of non-data information like text
> labels into my XML documents and I completely lose separation of
> presentation/data which is why I'm using Cocoon in the first place.
> any other ideas - anyone :-) I'm going to try posting to dev to see if
> anyone else has any ideas. thanks

Question: is it _necessary_ to use Java ResourceBundles?

I mean, the use of xml files as resource bundles could simplify your

 <resource xml:lang=".." name="..." value="..."/>

then we could create some xsp taglib that does

 <i18n:resources href="..."/>
  <title><i18n:resource name="title"/></title>

which could generate some java code like

 String lang = request.getLocale().getLanguage();
 if (lang == "en")
   out("Hello World!");
 else if (lang == "it")
   out("Ciao a tutti!");
 else if (lang == "fr")
   out("Salut tout le monde!);

having parsed and interpreted the resources file at compilation time.

Not a trivial taglib, but I think it's impossible even today.

Ricardo, am I right?

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