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From Ian Abbott <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 1.7.3 Upgrade micro-mini-HOWTO
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 08:36:06 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Robin Green wrote:
> >
> > They are ordinary files with a suffix of .lnk and they are basically useless
> > for most types of symlinking. They are basically nearly identical to
> > Internet Explorer bookmarks.
> M$ claimed to have invented symlinks in an article that appeared to /.
> (it was so funny) and they also claimed to have a linking capabilities
> in the new filesystem they're using for win2k... but after installing it
> (it's very surprisingly a very stable OS, after all, never crashed once
> in months) I could not find any reference to it... maybe on the server
> version.
> Anyway, yes, .lnk files are almost totally useless.

Win2000 has 'Junctions', which rather than being proper symlinks act
more like *NIX mountpoints. I haven't fully explored it, but if you go
to the drive partition manager (somewhere in the 'manage computer'
options), you can select a partition and mount it as a folder on another
partition. We've still got 'C:' drives then, but all other drives can be
junctions on that drive, giving a UNIX-like '/' access to all drives.

It's still not exactly what we want, but it's better than nothing.

More might be possible, but I use IRIX day to day, so I haven't really
explored Win2K that much.

ian abbott: www programmer/designer, cinesite visual effects eur

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