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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: Anyone using XMLForm?
Date Mon, 08 May 2000 15:03:02 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> On 4/5/00 at 9:14 am, (Ulrich Mayring) wrote:
I mistakingly posted this on the dev-mailling list already, but as the
question was asked here, I'll repost it....

To get XMLForm running with Xalan > 0.19 you'll have to do the following
change to XMLForm and recompile it:

< XPath xpath = new XPath(xpath_support,null); 

>               XPath xpath = new XPath(null);                                  

[read: remove the string "xpath," from line 364 of]

This works with Cocoon 1.7.3 and thus with the latest Xalan release,
however I have found other problems:

Encoding: In order to support german "umlauts" in data.xml from the
sample I changed the encoding in the xml-pi to Latin1. When I first edit
the file using XMLForm, this works fine. However, after the
adding/editing process, the encoding is set back to UTF-8 but the
characters are not converted properly. In consequence, Xerces chockes on
illegal characters on this file.

Thus, it would be nice if XMLForm remembers the original encoding type.
Or even better, there would be something like xmlform:encoding.

Path: Under Tomcat, the way paths are evaluted is confusing. When the
context mount point is /viva and data.xml resides in
/viva/example/data.xml, xmlform:virtual expects this as
/example/data.xml while in xmlform:redirect it must ve
/viva/example/data.xml. I will work with XMLForm on JServ this week and
report what's happening there. 

Jeremy suggested a taglib for tasks like these. I think this would be
really useful for many people. The fact that no one responded may be
because it is hard to think about it on such an abstract level. At least
it was for me.

However, I will be implementing some forms on XMLForm this week and then
revisit Jeremy's propasal and comment on it.


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