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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Relative Stylesheet URIs not fixed?
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 23:20:17 GMT
Ulrich Mayring wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just downloaded the latest source from CVS and found that relative
> URIs are still not accepted in <?xml-stylesheet href="URI">
> instructions.
> Currently cocoon does something confusing and IMHO also a little
> dangerous: one time cocoon looks for a file, another time for a URL, all
> depending on the string "://" occurring in the given URI. This kills
> relative URLs, because they usually don't contain "://" - so they will
> always be interpreted as files.

Correct, I thought this was the intended behavior.
> The W3C has a recommendation out for this problem (see
> and I quote from there:
> "NOTE: Since the value of the href attribute is a URI reference, it may
> be a relative URI and it may contain a fragment identifier. In
> particular the URI reference may contain only a fragment identifier."

Uh, I was wrong :(
> I would therefore suggest to implement this recommendation. Any
> opinions?

It makes sense. Here's the plan:

 - if the URI is fully specified, it's opened as it is
 - if the URI is only a fragment, it's treated like relative to the
requested resource.

is this ok with everyone?

NOTE: it could possibly break back compatibility!!!!
> Anyway: why has this issue disappeared from the to-do list?

Because I thought I fixed the problems. Evidently it is not :)

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