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From Roman Kunert <>
Subject question from another cocoon user...
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 08:00:53 GMT

Yann wrote:
> > read this
> >
> >,5859,2555159,00.html
> >
> > > What amazes me the most is that open source has gained so much
> > > momentum without showing any goods. It's a dot-com.all hype and
> > > speculation and no fundamentals. It's like an onion in a bushel
> > > of apples. Someone might notice that it looks and tastes different,
> > > but peel away its layers, and there's nothing there.
> >
> > Some people simply aren't smart enough to get it.
> Well, you know, some columnists are such attention-seekers...
> But let me tell you that I am just about to install my first Cocoon-powered
> web-app on a production server. It took me 3 week to write it: 1 to play
> with Cocoon and installation issues, 1 to write XSP pages and some Java
> business objects using JBuilder Foundation 3.5, finally 1 to design the look
> and feel, learning about XSL and dealing with cosmetic things.
> And it's there, my internal users can't wait to use it, I don't have to
> spend time installing stuff on people's PCs and I can patch my code whenever
> I want. The web-app deals with user session and security, does some database
> update and retrieves some resultsets.
> 3 weeks from not having used Cocoon nor the Apache server!!!
> And it's not even like I was a servlet-guru. I knew the concepts and was
> proficient in Java, that's all.
> Basically, it all happened because Cocoon is a damned clever framework.
> People were also very helpful on the list. The guy who wrote this article is
> just trying to sound clever but doesn't have a grasp on reality.
> Yann.

Hi Yann,
sorry for bothering you, but I am working on a similar project and I am
struggling with implementing user session and security. Did you use
extra servlets or did you get the session taglib working? Currently I am
thinking about a DB driven authentication with session tracking. I
cannot help dreaming about a phplib-like site,user,role authentication
mechanism per page. Something like:

<page user="foo" role="users" security="high">

If I'll have time I try to work on that.

Any help is welcome.
Thanks, Ro.

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