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From Paul Derbyshire <>
Subject Re: Serious error in Xalan -- parsing stylesheet PIs -- URGENT.
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 22:05:15 GMT
At 11:28 PM 5/25/00 +0200, you wrote:
>On Thu, 25 May 2000, Paul Derbyshire wrote:
>> I'm not trying to leave the document root of a web server. This was Xalan
>> running standalone, and running from D:\Wol\wolsrc, so if anything at all
>> could be considered a "document root" it was D:\Wol\wolsrc, and I wasn't
>> trying to escape that. More to the point, Xalan *did* escape that, hunting
>> in D:\metadata!
>You're not using Xalan, you're using a href attribute. Never mind what the
>application is, but if you use a href attribute, you better make sure that
>it contains an URI :)

It does, and it should work. The error is Xalan's; it parses the URI
relative to the CWD and not to the directory containing the file containing
the href attribute containing the URI.

>You might want to read up on that. A leading / is exactly within the
>standard and means exactly the document root.

But it's not truly relative, as I explained. If I moved to another server
and the path to my user directory changed from /users/jrandom to /~jruser
I'd have to change every internal link in my site, and if the site is big
enough that's impractical to expect of me.

>> Xalan should correctly handle fully relative paths like
>> "../../metadata/root.xsl".
>cocoon does :)

Cocoon doesn't seem to have an API to use it in a program like mine, which
batch processes large numbers of XML files at a whack. It either operates
on the command line one file at a painstaking time, or it operates as a

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