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From Paul Derbyshire <>
Subject Re: Serious error in Xalan -- parsing stylesheet PIs -- URGENT.
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 05:13:53 GMT
At 12:05 AM 5/25/00 -0400, you wrote:
>It's looking in D:\metadata\ and not in D:\Wol\wolsrc\metadata\ and
>according to the W3C Recommendation on the stylesheet specifier (and on
>hrefs in general) this is just plain WRONG.

Not so urgent now. I've discovered a workaround, although it's an
astonishingly ugly hack. For the enlightenment of anyone else who has
encountered this problem, or might do so in the future, the hack is as
follows: Before every Xalan call on a file (or before every file in a
differing directory to the previous), call System.setProperty("user.dir",
dir) where dir is the directory containing the file. This tricks the
erroneous search in Xalan into finding the correct file after all.

Ugly hacks usually have deleterious consequences or annoying tradeoffs; one
of the nastier consequences of this particular ugly hack is that files in
different directories can't be processed concurrently. Since I have a
single-CPU machine, this doesn't bother me too much, but users with a
dual-processor Linux box (or a Connection Machine, hehe) might find this a
pain if they want to process a batch of files some of which are alone in
their directories.

Ugly hacks should not be necessary, and my software shouldn't have to set,
depend on, or muck with "user.dir". I can thank my lucky stars my Java
implementation doesn't make this system property read-only, or WOL would be
dead in the water.

Please fix this bug quickly, regardless of the discovery of a workaround.
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