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From Paul Derbyshire <>
Subject Re: Severe Xalan documentation errors.
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 22:22:30 GMT
At 11:09 PM 5/23/00 +0100, you wrote:
>You have a space in your classpath.

Really? It causes no problems in the environment variable.

>You need to find some way to escape the spaces in the classpath.

If it's a file name with a space in it, I can replace it with the short
"foo~1" type name it's using. And then reboot slowly and laboriously. And
probably find a *new* problem.

>*Please* check *very* carefully what you're doing before you come
>to the list to ask questions?

I did, and I verified that I had done *exactly* what the other person had
suggested: that I add ";%CLASSPATH%" exactly as quoted to the class path
option and do nothing else. The person offering the solution evidently did
not consider the corner case that the class path contains a space. His
recommended solution was incomplete, and therefore incorrect. If you are
right and that is the *only* problem, then the correct solution is:

1. Add ;%CLASSPATH% to the -classpath command line parameter in the batch
2. Change the CLASSPATH environment variable in autoexec.bat, local.rc, or
wherever it is defined on your system, to remove all spaces. (On unix,
escape the spaces with \; on Windows, replace filenames and directory names
with spaces with their short versions with the numeric tails, e.g. PROGRAM
FILES becomes PROGRA~1.)
3. Reboot slowly and laboriously; to amuse yourself while the computer is
rebooting, watch The Phantom Menace for the seventieth time. When the movie
ends, the reboot should be almost finished. Fill the remaining time with a
coffee, a Coke, or a snack.
4. Try to compile again.
5. When it fails with yet another obscure problem, get *REALLY* pissed. :-)

 Certainly making statements such as
>"Nope, you weren't sure...or at least weren't correct." is unlikely
>to endear you to those from whom you are requesting help.
>> I am starting to grow increasingly annoyed at the errors, mixups, and other
>> glitches plaguing this project and particularly the use of Cocoon and
>> Xalan. Every time I get some new information, it *does* eliminate the
>> problem I'd been having but it *inevitably* just exchanges it for
>> another... why won't this blasted thing just plain *work*?
>This project is open source. As it happens, it's a very very fast moving
>and potentially world changing open source project. We are *right* on the
>edge of technology as far as everything we're doing is concerned.
>Personally, I got cocoon functional in about an hour, maybe an hour and a
>half; it takes some people longer. Neither Cocoon or Xalan are 'buggy'
>or unusually unstable. If you really find it that annoying, then you
>have to make the decision about whether it is the right project/
>methodology for you.
>> Now, can someone please tell me in no uncertain terms *how to make the
>> blasted thing work*? ... so when I follow those instructions *it works*?!
>I followed the instructions and applied the relevent platform
>dependant common sense, and it worked third time (slight cock-
>up with JServ the first two times. Got my classpath upside down).
>At the end of the day, Cocoon is a server side project, and it's
>implemented in java. If you're not familiar with server side
>technologies, and/or you're new to java, Cocoon is possibly
>not the place to start. It's a big project, a very big project,
>but believe you me, it's the future. (If you could see even
>half the stuff in my head, you'd agree)
>Now, let's try and get you sorted so that you see the *good* side
>of java, cocoon and XML, alright!?
>Paul Russell
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