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From Paul Derbyshire <>
Subject Re: Mystery NullPointerException with standalone usage.
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 06:39:35 GMT
At 01:59 AM 5/23/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> *suspicious frown* Exactly how stable and reliable is the development
>> snapshot? :-)
>Since if fixes the only bug found so far on 1.7.4, it's actually _more_

You mean, I'm the lucky basterd who found the only boog in 1.7.4, and you
just *created* the 1.7.5-dev snapshot and *started* on version 1.7.5
because of it? I'm impressed. :-)

Perhaps I'll give it a try. What do I need beyond the usual stuff (the
snapshot, a post-1.1 JDK, ...) in order to build it? Or is that in the
documentation? Is there an easy way to call Cocoon in another Java app --
is that in the documentation too? (Believe me I've had lots of experience
with open-source stuff, both using and rebuilding, and they go all over the
map when it comes todocumentation, from none to poor to
good-but-in-that-crufty-info-format to just plain great... so far I've
found the Cocoon and Xalan docs to be excellent, but I'm still
half-expecting to step unexpectedly on a land mine here...)
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