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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: Another showstopper in Xalan. No workaround seems possible.
Date Sun, 28 May 2000 08:01:23 GMT
On Sun, May 28, 2000 at 03:13:18AM -0400, Paul Derbyshire wrote:
> >Remember that you can <xsl:import/> the a data
> >stylesheet into the article stylesheet.
> Yeah, but that would require making everything that might be included in
> anything a *stylesheet*, which seems like (yet another) ugly hack to me.
> I'd have no documents -- just stylesheets!

Not what I meant - I mean you can share the *templates* for the data,
not the data itself. i.e. you XInclude the data into the article, and
then <xsl:import> the *stylesheet* for the data into the article

Plus I want templates to do
> Meanwhile, there is this XInclude thing (and I've also been hearing things
> about XLink?) -- the trouble here
> is twofold:

XLink isn't yet implemented enough in cocoon2, really.

> * The list headings contain stuff like "XInclude processor should be fixed"
> followed by lots of replies and
>   lots of posts with titles like "XInclude question", all of this implying
> that it's *not* fixed, or at the very
>   least is dodgy enough to be doing unexpected things and baffling people.
> I'd rather avoid using something that
>   confusing if I possibly can. It doesn't sound like it beats out
> document() in any case.

It was written by Donald. From what I've seen it's stable and
effective. He's certainly not a guy who's prone to programming

The rest of the problems you mentioned are indeed correct, but
you *are* talking to the Cocoon users list - Xalan is not my

> >The conditional processing is, I admit, a pain in the backside in
> >Cocoon1.x. Basically how you achieve it is to run the XML through
> >an XSP logicsheet that produces the required processing instructions
> >for what you're requesting.
> Good grief, yet another XYZ technology to learn. Sounds like the scenic
> route to what I'm trying to achieve to me.
> At least XInclude is probably just a single new tag to learn, and then
> probably equivalent to the <embed/> I was
> trying to make work.

Up to you. It's one option.

> Thing is, I get the impression from what I've learned that I'm sitting on a
> goldmine and the nearby mining supply shop in town is fresh out of
> pickaxes.

Heh. Indeed. Welcome to the cutting edge. Believe me, you should try
playing with the stuff *I'm* working with at the moment...

> >Everyone here is very very much on the right side of this line. We're
> >all engineers, not hackers.
> Arguably, anyone who sees a need for a computer tool and proceeds to write
> it, particularly an open-source one, is a hacker in the original meaning of
> the term.

Yep. True. The difference being that most of us lot proceed to
design it, first.

> >Anyway, I *hope* the above has given you some food for thought.
> >I *think* I've understood what you were saying right. If not,
> >then give us more information and we'll try, but no promises,
> >we've got other people to help and other lives to lead.
> Well there's more information above, on the issues that will obtain under
> various circumstances, but now I'll need more information, particularly
> about this XInclude and XSP stuff, and about the production-readiness or
> lack thereof of XInclude support in Cocoon (or perhaps Xalan).

As I said, as far as I know, XInclude is working fine. The
processor is certainly in CVS, although I don't know if it's
been in a release yet (I'm a Cocoon 2 developer - I'm not
really aware of Cocoon1.x's release specifications). For
information about XInlude, take a peek at

A brief synopsis is:

<rootelement xmlns:xinclude="">
	<!-- bulk of document here -->
	<xinclude:include href="path_to_data.xml"/>
	<!-- more document here -->

XInclude does not, and will not (since it is not part of the
xslt specification) be supported by Xalan. You'd have to use
Cocoon - ditto with XSP.

Hope that helps...

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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