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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: Another showstopper in Xalan. No workaround seems possible.
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 08:50:24 GMT

The 'bug' you describe, which I'm not convinced is a bug at all (Xalan
is generally very good at standards compliance) is absolutely nothing
whatsoever to do with Cocoon. If you could join the Xalan mailing list
and report it to the guys there, you stand some chance of getting a
fix for it.

  "I am sincerely hoping here that your Xalan and Cocoon and so
   forth, which I thought were the savior of this project, aren't
   in fact its doom."

Cocoon and Xalan are *OPEN SOURCE*. You did not pay for them, you
decided to use them. They came with no guaruntees that they would
solve your problems. Believe you me, from where I'm looking XSLT
and related technologies are the future, and it may surprise you
to know some of us can see quite a *long* way into the future about
this. If you can't persuade Xalan to do what you want it to, then
that's likely to mean one of several things:

 1) There's a 'bug' in Xalan. If that's the case, report it to
    the relavent people, and they'll fix it as soon as possible.

 2) There's something screwy in the way you're trying to do

In any case, coming onto the *Cocoon* users list and declaring
Cocoon and Xalan the 'doom' of your project is going to require
you to take up wearing asbestos. If you're depending on us *that*
much that a bug in our code means the death of your project, then
you should get yourself a *good* Java programmer, and help us fix
them. We are not gods, we all have day jobs.

> elsewhere for an XML+XSLT to HTML processor... or maybe despite what I've
> been led to believe XML is not a mature enough technology to do what I
> want, after all, and the WOL is nothing more than a pipe dream that can't
> be fulfilled for years longer, if ever.

What *is* the WOL? Some of us here are software engineers by trade.
If you tell us exactly what you're trying to achieve, we *might*
be able to suggest a decent work around or even a new way of
thinking about the whole problem.

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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