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From "Brett Palmer" <>
Subject Order of XSP elements in generated Producers?
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 13:02:25 GMT
This is really a clarification question on how XSP generates Cocoon 

I was trying to get the same XML page processed by different stylesheets 
depending a request time parameter.  I got several errors when I tried to 
put a processing instruction near the top of the XML document.  The error 
referred to the "request" object not being defined yet.  When I moved the 
processing instruction towards the end of the XML page the error went away.

I reviewed the generated java file and noticed that in order to use the 
"request" object my code needed to be in the "populateDocument" method of 
the producer.

This is probably a basic question, but where do XSP elements need to be 
located in the XML page to be put into the "populateDocument" method?

Thanks for your help.


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