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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: A problem with "alt" attribute
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 20:03:40 GMT

"Pawel Pesz" <> wrote:
>In my HTML-producing XSLT stylesheet I've got some "img"
>elements with "alt" attributes set to an empty string
>(a valid value accoring to the HTML 4.01 spec). For example:
>   <img src="<path>" alt=""/>
>Unfortunately during Cocoon processing these empty strings
>are lost and the resulting HTML code looks like this:
>   <img src="<path>" alt>
>How can I work around this problem? TIA for any
>suggestions :-)
>Aha: I'm using Cocoon 1.7.3.

Before anyone goes on a bug hunt - are you sure this IS a problem? (Might 
sound like a stupid question, but that's me...) Is it actually making your 
pages display incorrectly? In what way?

I'm no expert, and I can't tell from glancing at the HTML spec whether 
<image src="..." alt> is valid or not.

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