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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: File output with cocoon
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 11:34:06 GMT
"Roland" <> wrote:
>Is it possible to output results of a cocoon process to a file. What I want
>to do is a web interface for authors to modify the XML files on a site. 
>means some users will be able to modify contents with their browser 
>they 've got the correct authentication.

Why do you want to process XML files through cocoon and then save them back 
again? In a typical cocoon setup, IMO, it would not be appropriate to save 
the output of cocoon - you are supposed to save what is going to be 
_inputted_ to cocoon in a file, not the _output_.

(Although, it's possible theoretically that the output could also be a 
future input. But I suspect not in your case.)

Could you be more specific? Is it just simply a text box which allows users 
to edit XSP? If so there is no need to process the input through the Cocoon 
pipeline at all. You can just use XSP and to save to disk 

It's difficult to say without knowing more detail about what you are trying 
to do. When you say "editing the XML file" do you mean just editing the raw 
data, not processing it on the server in any way?


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