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Subject Newbie: DOM -XSL-> markup?
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 09:59:55 GMT

All the information I\'ve found on XML/DOM/XSL etc
is rather focused on applying XSL on XML files.
Is there a way to control XSL in my \'object space\'?
What I want to do, is generate a DOM object on
the basis of IMAP data, apply client dependant
XSL to that, and output a valid markup (eg. WML/HTML).
The XML technologies are new to me, so if this
doesn\'t make sense, please correct me: 
Can I construct a DOM object in memory, instantiate 
some \'XSL object\' from an XSL file and somehow
generate/restrict output based on that?

Pointers to info relevant to this topic is greatly
appreciated, thanks.

PS: I have the same problems as Paul Russel with
mails just disappearing, hopefully this account will


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