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From Igor Romanov <>
Subject Re[2]: so what? there's no solution to "cache problem"?
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 06:38:21 GMT
UM> There's an option in the JServ configuration, where you can specify
UM> which classes will be reloaded automatically when they are changed. I
UM> believe this checks .class files, not .java files, so you'll have to
UM> recompile manually.

sure. but you need to exclude path to those classes from the system
classpath for JServ to reload them automatically... And if you do so -
Cocoon become unable to compile your XSPs 8( - can't find classes.

Anyway, i think I've found a kind of 'solution' 8)
Now I put the path to the Cocoon's repository in JServ's
"repository = ..." and put all classes in there.
Now cocoon can see them and JServ can reload them too... amen...

But anyway, I think that's not right - there must be more accurate
solution to this problem.

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