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From "Mark Washeim" <>
Subject Re: external entities
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 12:45:09 GMT

>on 5/18/00 3:29 AM, Mark Washeim at wrote:
>> I also have files with all manner of special chars (ISO-8859-1) edited
>> maintained within files which are dynamically included by xsp. These have
>> never posed a problem, thus far.
>> Elements such as the following:
>> <P>Brad Friedel è pronto per per il trasferimento a sorpresa dal
>> ai vicini d
>> i casa dell'Everton.</P>
>> <P>Il gigantesco portiere americano lascerà l'Anfield dove è il secondo
>> portiere dietr
>> o all'olandese Sander Westerveld.</P>
>> <P>Friedel potrebbe essere acquistato dal presidente dell'Everton Walter
>> Smith, che ve
>> nderà il portiere norvegese Thomas Myhre.</P>
>> <P>Friedel potrebbe competere per un posto da titolare con Paul Gerrard
>> all'Everton.</P>
>> are included (using the pi <util:include-file>) without complaint...
>> Just my two bits.
>Thanks, but I'm using ResourceBundle's which are being accesed via Xalan
>extensions in my stylesheets.  That's what is not working.  When I just use
>plain files the special characters work fine.  I need the dynamic
>translation capability to do what I'm trying to do and I don't want to
>resort to putting all my presentation text such as text labels into my XSP
>page as I lose separation of context.

Uh, you missed my point. The presentation part is largelyl about structuring
a layout and should NOT contain (or produce with Xalan extensions) something
specific to the data model (namely, the xml).

My point was that the data (including language specific string used in the
final layout BUT not inherent in the layout itself) are managed, by
contract, by editors. They maintain XML documents (some stored in an RDBMS,
most as files). The programmer simply ensures that requests for the document
subset (in this case, the lang parameter is used to point to a subset of
files in ../../en_UK, or fr_CH) are translated to ensure proper inclusion of
the localized content.

The HTML production person maintains the XSL and knows NOTHING about the
localization, just how the elements and attributes should be layed out.

That is proper maintenance of the contracts that cocoon is designed to

Of course, we should be using cocoon 2 and a sitemap instead of managing the
request handling within xsp, but, that's the future.


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