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From "Rapheal Kaplan" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 1.7 with WebLogic 5.1.0.
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 23:30:59 GMT
	Here is what I have discovered thus far when trying to get cocoon to run on
Weblogic 5.  Mind you I am still working on Beta2 as I do not yet trust the

	First, I recommend running cocoon as a servlet under a web application.
That seems to work a little nicer and more compact.  Problem with that is
Weblogic does not seem to allow web applications (under servlet 2.2 spec) to
map patterns to servlets.  So under a given web application, I can not map
*.xml to the cocoon servlet.  Of course, you can map *.xml in the file, but then you would access the servlet without the
benefit of being under a web application (I believe you get servlet context
problems if it is not).  To remedy this, I used the proxy servlet to
re-route all requests with *.xml to a proper application/servlet name.


> Wellllll...... come to find out it's not *completely* working yet. The XSP
> examples don't work but the problem looks fixable for someone who knows a
> more about XSP. I just get a bunch of "class not found" messages when it
> to compile the page (see below). But, everything else works, including
> Cocoon from a servlet. This is on Winduhs NT by the way.
> Let me start with a disclaimer... I still consider myself a newbie at all
> so I won't even try to explain the "why" part of how this worked and I
> for the narrative.
> For simple processing, setup was pretty easy. But I had to be able to
> Cocoon directly as well from a servlet for an application I'm doing. I
> most of my time just trying to mix and match versions of the JARs to get
this to
> work. I could *not* get Cocoon 1.7.1 or 1.7.2 to work!? Just the right
> combination of JARs is what got me going. Rather than ramble, here's
> from my startweblogic.cmd file,, and that XSP error I
> get.
> Look at the JAR names in weblogic.cmd to determine the versions I ended up
> using. Maybe this will be helpful to someone. Good luck. Let me know if
> knows what the XSP problem may be.

Rapheal Kaplan
AdOne, LLC
Senior Software Architect

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