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From "Willie Wheeler" <>
Subject JSP vs. XSP
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 04:11:08 GMT
Hello all,

    I have a question about the relative merits of JSP and XSP. Recently I've read explanations
to the effect that XSP is better because (1) JSP does not really separate content from presentation,
whereas XSP does, and (2) you can't (easily?) do server-side XSLT on JSP output, whereas you
can easily do so with XSP output. I've seen only very summary versions of the arguments, so
perhaps I am about to mischaracterize them, but the argument for (1) seems to be premised
on the idea that JSP output must be HTML. This is certainly false; one can easily serve XML
from a JSP, and one can put presentation code in an XSL stylesheet for client-side processing.
    Regarding (2), it seems to me that if there is no easy way to apply server-side XSLT to
a JSP after the JSP engine has compiled it, and there is an easy way to do so with XSP, then,
everything else being equal, JSP is clearly an inferior technology--I don't want to have to
depend on clients to do their own XSLT processing! But these considerations wouldn't make
JSP *inherently* inferior, just inferior because there aren't any servers that allow you to
specify that .jsp files should be processed first by the JSP engine and secondly by the XSLT
processor. And that is a much weaker kind of inferiority, since it disappears once some server
supports such functionality. Is this the kind of inferiority that people have in mind when
they compare the two?


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