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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject Re: JSP with Cocoon ?
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 17:30:14 GMT
On Tue, 09 May 2000, Liang, Yin wrote:
> Does any one implement JSP with Cocoon ?
> We use Weblogic JSP for presentation, and Enterprise Java Bean for "heavy"
> business objects 
> We  would like to start using xslt to convert xml data into html on the
> sever side. 
> Can cocoon (XSP?) api somehow fit into the JSP->JSPBean->EJB framework ?
> or we have to use the xalan package directly ?

The dynamic generator design being considered for XSP in Cocoon2
might allow for other markup languages to be plugged into Cocoon. It's
possible, in principle, to implement a dynamic generator loader that
supports a subset of JSP's XML-friendly syntax.

An appealing possibility that comes to mind is to somehow intercept
JSP's response output stream and pipe it into a SAX event stream: a
dynamic generator that "wraps" JSP pages. Of course, this relies on
the assumption that JSP pages generate only well-formed XML.

However, even assuming that issues such as efficiently and portably
executing JSP pages or transparently "faking" the output stream, this
idea poses _many_ challenges. For example: how to detect and react to
a JSP page performing a response.sendRedirect()?

Hmmm... This deserves a lot of thinking.

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