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From Brian <>
Subject Questions about ant (a little off topic but..)
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 15:34:08 GMT
Hello all,

	I am a java developer and research scientist for the Human Genome
Project at MIT. I am using JRun+Servlets+Cocoon+other apache tools to set
up a web based tool to "view" some of the data that we generate. I have
a need for a build tool+CVS space, where the build tool is currently up
for grabs. Everyone is used to make, however I don't think I have to
mention the headaches that make can cause for the java developer. I would
like to propose ANT as our build tool of choice however, looking at the
source it is not completely obvious how to use it! Can someone point me to
a good overview of ANT or, lead me through making a project, project space
and build space? Thanks in advance!


							Brian Gilman

Brian Gilman		
Scientific Programmer
WhiteHead Institute 

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