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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject RE: RE: Storing XML in databases w/o lots of string parsing....
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 18:06:51 GMT
On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Yahoo wrote:
> Maybe I'm too lost to have any relevance here, but I use a database
> table that either contains content or refers to it and has descriptions
> and categorizations of it and use that.  Using the BLOB/CLOB
> thing seems like it would be very processor intensive. Have you
> looked at Oracle's site and their views on XML? They talk about
> 3 (I think) ways of using XML with Oracle, and at least one of
> them involves storing XML documents in the databse for searching.

I really didn't want to store the whole document, but it was a
requirement on the project. Plus it made it easier to implement a database
interface generic enough that the underlying JDBC driver was transparnet
to the other developers on the project. I could read & wrte it as text
documents without JDBC, and the higher level code had no clue. All it knew
was when it called "getDocFromDataStore(id)", they got the XMLDocument. 

I really loved the interface I wrote on that project. I don't plan on
re-creating it, though, in case my former company decides to sue. However,
if they *DO* opensource it (yeah, they've been giving lip service to
opensourcing their code for over a year), and the licence is compatable,
*THEN* I might do something nifty with it... ahs some nifty ideas that I need to look at in great depth when
I have time. Whenever that is *grin*

- Kevin Sonney

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